Are Dog Crates Cruel?

Dog crates, everyone has seen them, and just as many people have their own opinion about whether or not they are cruel. This article is going to give you our insight into them, and how we feel about the use of dog crates.

The problem that people have with dog crates is not the use of them in a whole, but more about how they are used, and when. Far too many people use them inappropriately. For example, a lot of people will leave their dogs in them for extended periods, while they are out at work. That is often so that they do not ruin furniture or other household items. While that is frustrating for pet owners, it is not a reason to lock your dog in a crate. The more compromising approach to that is to train them properly. No amount of “crate time” is going to resolve it.

However, if you use the crate properly, they have advantages, and it can be a save haven for the pet. They can give them a place to go and relax, and feel safe from the stresses that you can get in a family or busy home. Leaving the crate open for your dog will allow them to come and go as they please. Furthermore, you are likely to find that they go to the crate as a way to find comfort if you do have to leave them in the house unattended.

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