Are Dog Whistles Cruel? – We Tell You Before You Buy

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Dog whistles, we all know about them; however, the first thought when you think of them is that they must be cruel. They must hurt the ears of the dogs around you. That is a completely rational thought. Often, the thought is because we can’t hear them, because of the high frequency, it must hurt the dog’s ears. Not only do people think that it is going to hurt their ears, they think that it may even damage their hearing. That thought is because we cannot understand how the dog hears it because we cannot hear it ourselves.

While there are risks to using a dog whistle for training, occasional and careful use of them has no danger. If you do not blow them very hard, or directly next to the dog’s ears, or for a very long time, there are very few risks. They do not affect cats or other pets such as lizards.

The fact is that a dog whistle to a dog is similar to that of a normal whistle to a human. If you were to hear a whistle, it would make you look for where it came from. If someone blows it right in your ear, it is going to hurt, and maybe damage your ears. So, when you are using a dog whistle, it is a good idea to blow it like you would a normal one. You may even want to buy a normal one first to see how you should blow it.

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