Can Pet Fish Recognize You?

Having pets is a great feeling, especially when they recognize who you are, and they are excited to see you. The first animal that you would think of when you want a pet who can recognize you is a dog. However, some people are more fish people than dog people, and that makes them wonder, do pet fish recognize who you are? Although we do it every day, recognizing human faces is actually quite a difficult task, even for us. That means that you may think it is impossible for fish.

However, the fact is that they may actually be able to recognize you lot more than you think. Studies have been completed at Oxford University in the UK, and they believe that fish can probably even recognize your face within a crowd of many other people. While fish do lack the neocortex that humans use to tell the difference between people, they do have the ability to pick out faces from one another, especially those who feed them.

Maybe you will look at your pe fish differently from now on. We certainly hope so!

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