Are Dog Years Real?


It is a prevalent thought that a dog’s life passes by faster than humans, and that is true, if only for the fact that a dog lives a lot less time than a human does. However, the most convincing misconception about a dog’s life is that they age seven times faster than humans. Therefore, it is widespread to think that one year is seven years to a dog. However, that is just not true.

Dogs do age faster than we do, but not by an exact and calculable amount.  Many factors go into determining the age of a dog, such as a breed, size, health, gender, conditions for living, whether they have been neutered, etc. However, if you wanted to estimate how old a dog is in comparison to human years, it is more prevalent to use the calculation of ten and a half years per year for the first two years of their life and four years for every subsequent year.

While there will be a point in their life that the 7:1 ratio will match, it is sporadic and inaccurate.

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