Are Pet Rabbit Bites Dangerous?

First of all, pet rabbits and wild rabbits are different when we are talking about bites. A pet rabbit has not had the same exposure to viruses and infections as a wild rabbit has. So, remember that while you are reading through this article. When you think of pet rabbits, your first thought is probably not about them biting you. Although they have big front teeth, the idea of something so cute and cuddly biting you is not the first thought.

Although, the fact is that they actually can, and sometimes will bite you. There are three main times that a rabbit may bite you:

  • Fear. – If they are scared and you corner them, and they have the chance, they may bite you.
  • Stress. – As with fear, you have to make sure that your pet rabbit is as calm as you can, especially before handling them.
  • Mistaking you for food. – A rabbit may bite you if they mistake you for food. That is most likely to happen when you are feeding them, or when they are hungry, and you put your finger too close to them in their cage.

Rabbit bites can be painful, and they are likely to bleed, too. Unlike cat bites or iguana bites, there are rarely any medical complications from a rabbit bite. However, it is wise to check with a doctor if you have been bitten.

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