Zetapets will never be the Game to end all games

Zetapets’ slogan has always been “The Game to end all games,” but how is it the game to end all games? It lacks content, features, and things to do. For Zetapets to ever be the game to end all games, it needs to step up and get a better leader that isn’t lazy and loves to work. Maybe an owner like Ian of Marapets.com who has a great staff team and can bust out three new features a day. All Zetapets needs is an active owner that works hard and strives to be the best. Its owner is what has made Zetapets gone downhill over the years and the lack of innovation. It has lovely art, but the fake promises like “Battledome is coming” has been an enormous put off the users… Many flash games were also said to be in the works, but only a few came out over the years, and Zetapets never really became a hit. It currently has over 500,00 members, but how many of them are inactive and frozen?

I bet you a lot of them are inactive/frozen because most of the veteran members have left Zetapets and became active members on other virtual pet sites such as; Marapets and Powerpets or Subeta. Zetapets has always lacked the skills to become a great virtual pet site, but it used to be a thriving pet site back in 2003 when it first launched; however with many servers during its launch many users decided to quit and move on because they couldn’t stand the lag and poorly-coded pages on Zetapets.

Did you know Zetapets currently runs on two servers? Yes, two dedicated servers because its dual Xeon server couldn’t handle the amount of MySQL queries that Zetapets produces per page… Its second dual Xeon powers its database. So, what are your thoughts on this issue? Do you believe there’s still hope for Zetapets?

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