When the dog owners to meet the right way

The dog grew up, and then, take it to the walk to see the outside world. In with the dog for a walk, the owner and his dog will feel very relaxed and happy, however, when suddenly faced Another person with a dog walk. At this time, two dogs have found each other and rushed to the other person. The original relaxed atmosphere suddenly became tense up. Although the owner forced to pull the leash and continuously send the password, then the dog sees and hears and smells only their kind, and finally, the distance between two dogs less than 1 meter.

Typically dogs can solve their problems; after the first phase of hostility, they conducted another side fighting side is a play of the game. Please note:

If a dog when it is often tiny dogs and other contacts, rather than being forced to wear a leash alone on one side, that when it encounters other dogs will not cause any trouble. If the other dogs and other dogs do not often touch, in which case it will gradually losing ground, and you want to end a dispute between two dogs, and the other dogs will usually accept the opponent’s proposal, two dogs will begin to play a friendly. Therefore, as the owner encountered a similar situation does not need to pull through the tight leash, trying to separate the two dogs.

Tips: Dogs are naturally inclined to solitary animals; they need human contact with the same.

From time to start a small dog, the more it and play with other dogs, and dogs that play the type and age does not matter. Each dog will only respect its opponents, regardless of the opponent, then it is strong or weak. If our son is also not clear on this point, it will adopt and another dogfighting, which sometimes looks very fierce fighting, in fact, not very serious, it will gradually learn to respect each other.

If the two dogs you’re unable to resolve the conflict, this time with his dog owners do not try to separate the two dogs body, especially when the dog’s body more time, because often the owner will add even more tense atmosphere. Dog owner’s correct approach is: to continue to go their way in the opposite direction. If the owner, at this time standing next to his dog, the dog gave a false impression that it is ready to face other dogs fight, and not prepared to play with other dogs.

Only two dog owners have decided to intervene when possible to achieve results. However, please note: Do not touch the dog’s head, because the dog might hurt people. A dog owner can seize the dog’s hind legs, tail, or the back of the hair, the dogs pull.

Tips: walk in with a dog, do not let it run too far, to be able to do within a certain distance of it at the disposal of the owner of the call.

The best and pay attention to the surrounding situation, a danger to the dog immediately called back to the side.

Keywords: the role of the leash, in the end, is what?

First, it established between humans and dogs with a link. It tells the pup who should be followed. If it is bought from others, through the leash, dogs, know who its new owner, who should obey the command. Tight rope by the owner’s actions, a lack of experience of the dog will gradually understand that the owner does not permit its conduct. In short, the dog by the leash obedience else.

Ideally, of course: the leash is not just a coercive tool that between humans and dogs, a positive contact. If a dog is wearing a strap, in addition to its master’s command to obey no other options outside. The dog and the owner are actually between the lack of an invisible intimacy. Wearing a dog leash and other dogs meet, the strap is both cumbersome and very dangerous: it prevents the dogs that are inferior to the yield or escape movements.

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