Male dogs Breeders

The first time dog owners, most of them choose the male dog breeding. This is because the female dog to become pregnant, give birth to puppies, which are a very troublesome thing, so most people choose to raise the male dog, save a lot of trouble. From this perspective, does, indeed, relatively easy to grow the male dog. But as long as birth control for female dogs to do surgery, the problem is very easily solved. If you have to ask what kind of male and female is more comfortable to raise, we believe it is female. In general, the female dog is more natural feeding. Here we want to clear is: what kind of dog it is relatively easy to raise.

Understood by ordinary people should be more to listen to the owner of the dog is the best of it! But also to tame character, not random attacks on people and other animals. Typically, the female owner of the dog listening to the words of comparison. Say this is because dogs have an instinct: the strong possessive, continue to expand their sphere of influence. This owner is a very troublesome thing. If it wants to grow their sites, of course there and the other marked with a dog. This instinct, male dogs may be more intense consciousness of some. To prove this, the most obvious example is the scene when the dog walks. You can often see because I like dogs smell the smell of urine, often with several dogs in the back of another dog, even the odor disputes exclusively by the owner of the reprimand. This attitude of dog owners, the dog is more strongly stimulated the possessive, and encourage the dog’s attack instinct. Full of aggressive dogs, more likely to be interested in the outside world, gradually would not be much to listen to the words of the master — this dog for the people, not pets, but a dangerous species.

Even at home, often a dog to rivalry and fighting the phenomenon. For example, if it does not like children at home, and it will roar toward the child. Even if the dog no choice but to accept the child, but it is still in my heart that his position higher than the child. At first, people can not understand this attitude of the dog. This contained the dog in the home means to improve their status. When the puppy to the children shouting, they should immediately rebuke: stop, not allowed to so. This puppy will understand and who can not rivalry. However, if the dogs do not understand the true meaning of this behavior, but does not care. Laugh, so that before long, the family dog to listen to the words of the parents of the highest standing, severe cases, as long as one is not desirable, even intimidation of other family members. The reason is that the dog that his position at home after home in the highest rank. Zhong in the rivalry that the general fear of all the male puppies. Of course, the female dog has this instinct, but not so active male dog.

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