Why Do Cats Run Away?

It is an unfortunate fact that people worry that their cat is going to run away and not come back. It is an even more unfortunate fact that, sometimes, they actually don’t come back. However, why do they not come back? No matter what the reason is, it is a difficult and upsetting experience to not know what has happened to your beautiful feline friend. However, there are many reasons why cats can sometimes go away and not come back.

For example, there are five main reasons why a cat may go out on long trips. Looking for a mate is the most common, and more common in male cats looking for a female. Having the cat neutered is the most effective way to stop that. Others are: Defending their territory from other cats, getting other food from your neighbours, hunting for animals that they can smell or even see. The last one is the most feared, and that is them seeking solitude in their final days. If your cat has been ill and doesn’t come back, that is likely the reason, unfortunately.

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