How Do Iguanas Walk?

We have all seen the reptilian way that iguanas walk – that is because they are reptiles. However, the most common way that you will have seen them walk is on four legs, almost side to side. Their front left leg goes back, while their rear left leg goes forward, then the opposite. However, that is while they are on solid ground. When they are in trees, they move in the same way, but with their long toes and sharp claws to hold onto branches, and to keep their balance.

One fun fact about iguanas and how they walk is that there are two species that can walk differently. The Basilisk, found in Mexico and Central America, and the Collard iguana from the Southwest United States and Mexico are the only two iguanas that can walk on their hind legs alone. Rarely used, they use the technique to run with higher speed than that of the four-legged runners. However, the way that those two species walk the majority of the time is the same as the others.

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