Does Your Leopard Gecko Have Eye Problems?

It is an unfortunate fact that captive leopard geckos can get issues with their eyes at some point in their lives. That means that, if you have a pet leopard gecko, you are going to be responsible for rectifying that. Furthermore, you need to do so as soon as you can. The biggest issue that you may face is finding a vet that will see reptiles and know how to treat them. Therefore, you are better to find a vet that will before you need them.

Some of the most common eye problems in Leopard geckos are: Genetic defects, retained skin shed, and dust in the eye. Some of the lesser common issues are: bacterial, fungal, or viral infections, conjunctivitis, and two forms of keratitis (ulcerative and non-ulcerative). Trauma, parasites, and abscesses are also things that you need to watch out for. Treatment for any of these conditions will differ depending on which your leopard gecko has, so make sure you take them to a vet as soon as possible.

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