Why Is My Pet Frog Bloated

Why Is My Pet Frog Bloated?

Frogs and inflation can often seem to go together; we have all see the images of frogs with their chins puffed out while making a noise. However, not all frogs can do that, and not... Read more
Why Do Puppies Bite With Aggression

Why Do Puppies Bite With Aggression?

First of all, you need to know whether the biting is really from aggression or if it is over-excited playing. Puppies love to play; part of the playing process is to bite. Whether that is... Read more
Why Did My Hamster Die

Why Did My Hamster Die?

With hamsters being one of the most common pets for all people, there are a lot of questions raised about why they die. More often than not, you will find that there were no signs... Read more
Why Do Cats Run Away

Why Do Cats Run Away?

It is an unfortunate fact that people worry that their cat is going to run away and not come back. It is an even more unfortunate fact that, sometimes, they actually don’t come back. However,... Read more
Why Your Pet Rabbit Can't Move Its Back Legs

Why Your Pet Rabbit Can’t Move Its Back Legs

If you have noticed that your pet rabbit can’t move its back legs, it is likely to be either hind limb paralysis (complete inability to move its legs) or paresis (partial movement). First of all,... Read more