Are Pet Mice Good Pets?

I remember when I was a child, I really wanted a pet. Something that I could keep for myself and that pet was a mouse. I was not the only child in the world to want their own pet. I am certain that every child in the world (maybe not every, but most), wants a pet at some point. However, are pet mice good pets? Can you have one for your children without too much worry? The easiest answer would have to be no, they are not good pets for children. But there is a caveat; if the children are patient and willing to not hold them all of the time, then they can be good.

You need to be very gentle but quick when you have a pet mouse. They are very quick and fretty, so they will want to move around a lot. Furthermore, if you are too Crouch with them, they can bite you, and they hurt. But, if you are willing to take your time with them, they can become pretty good companions. However, if you want a pet that will live for a while, a mouse may not be your best bet. They will only live for a year or two.

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