When Is Iguana Breeding Season?

Iguana breeding seasons are different depending on a few factors. Where they live, their age, and whether they are captive or not are the most common factors that affect the breeding seasons for Iguanas. However, breeding Iguanas is no simple task, nothing like cats or dogs. Even some zoos struggle to breed captive iguanas constantly. The sexual maturity of green iguanas varies, too. Some green iguanas will be able to breed in their second year, while others may take until their fifth. So, do not worry if it takes a while, or comes quicker than you expect.

Breeding seasons are mainly due to weather, as they will become active in the dry seasons. That enables them to carry the offspring during the dry season, waiting for the wetter times to lay and hatch them. That ensures that there is enough food for them when they hatch. The length of their breeding season changes, too. If you are at the equator, a male season will last around thirty days. The further away from the equator, you get, the longer they will be in season.

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