What Does A Pet Chinchilla Need?

Understanding what a pet requires is essential to looking after them properly, and of course, you need to know before you have one. Chinchillas are no different from any other animal in the fact that they have their own requirements. Here we will look at some of the most important things that you need to consider before owning a chinchilla.

  • Housing. – They require cooler areas as their fur usually protects them from the elements. That can mean that if you have them in a warmer area, you are likely to cause them to overheat and become ill. They need tall, spacious cages, with ladders and other things for them to climb, as they are often in mountainous regions. Avoid plastic cages as they will try to chew through them, but cover wire floors with wood so their paws don’t get damaged.
  • Food. – Look for specific pelleted chinchilla food. They are notorious for picking food that they like and leaving what they don’t. However, that does not give them a balanced diet that they need. Of course, remember to keep their water topped up and fresh.
  • Dust Bath. – DO NOT bath your chinchilla in water. They are used to dry climates where they clean themselves with dust. However, you need to find specific chinchilla bathing dust, not just sand or anything else you can. That will help their fur stay soft, warm and healthy.
  • Toys. – Keep plenty of toys for your chinchilla to use. They will chew through them very quickly. Clean and dry, pest-free wood is a great idea as it will stop them from chewing the wooden floors of their cage as much.

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