Are Pet Iguanas Dangerous? We Tell You Before You Buy One

With the increase in exotic animals being kept as pets, Iguanas are getting more and more common. The main problem that you face, is that pet stores want you to buy them, which stops them from telling you everything about them. That’s why we are writing this article, to tell you if they are dangerous or not.

The truth of the matter is, Iguanas are wild animals, and they will still behave like wild animals when they are in captivity. That can mean that, sometimes, they will react like they are still in the wild. So, yes, potentially, Iguanas can be dangerous creatures with the capability to injure you in a few ways. For example, they can whip their tales, scratch, and bite you, if they feel threatened. Furthermore, they can carry salmonella, which can cause problems if you get an infection.

Does that mean you should put off owning one? If you have the ability to look after them properly, then absolutely not. They are still wonderful creatures that you can tame and handle if you do it properly.

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