What Pet Frog Should I Get?

There are many species of frogs, maybe even more than you would think. In fact, there are around 7,300 recorded, and probably more that have not been discovered yet. If you are looking for a new exotic pet, you may be wondering; “what frog should I get? This article is going to give you an overview of some of the best choices that you can pick from as a beginner. However, the first thing you need to know, is that many frogs do not like to be handled, and if you do need to, you should wear gloves and wash your hands properly after.

The African Horned Frog. – A pretty common frog in pet shops, the African Horned Frog is the biggest on the list, and also one of the easiest to look after. They will eat almost anything that you give to them, including mice snakes, and other frogs.

Dart Frogs. – If you are looking for something smaller, the dart frog is an excellent choice. They do need a little more setup, as they require a live enclosure. However, while they will climb a bit, they prefer floor space, meaning that you do not need a huge setup.

These two are probably the best choices that you can pick as a beginner, and we will create further, more detailed articles about them in the coming months.

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