What is the risk of spreading COVID-19 to our pets?

The novel coronavirus is believed to have had an animal origin. A recent study in China showed that animals, especially pets and those interacting with humans, have started contracting the disease. The first case, a tiger in a zoo, contracted the virus from the zookeeper.

There might be more pets getting the virus from their infected owners or those interacting with them (pets). If you have tested positive for the disease, prevent infecting your pet(s), quarantine yourself and other persons in your household.

If you’re alone with the pet, limit your contact with the pet as much as possible. Also, have a plan for emergency medical attention for your pet should it show signs of illness.

Other things to observe (if you’re positive for the disease) include;

  • Avoid kissing or snuggling with the pet. This prevents any virus from your nasal area from getting to the pet.
  • Wash your hands before and after touching your pet. Contaminated hands can quickly transfer the virus to the pets’ skin or food.
  • Wear face mask whenever around them. Your pet could have picked dust before jumping onto you. With the possibility of sneezing, wear the cover to protect both the pet and anyone around you

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