Dachshunds Are King

A diet that is not too rich and not too lean, full of healthy ingredients, is best. But that advice is far too vague as it stands. What does it mean? But they add to that with cute looks, curiosity and an adventurous spirit. They’re small, like most terriers. Like that breed to which they are distant cousins, they were bred to hunt small, tunneling animals. That has left them with intelligence and a ‘can do’ attitude – even when you sometimes wish they wouldn’t. That temperament varies, though. Each individual is different, of course. But there are also remarkable trends among the three major types: Smooth-Coats, Wire-Hair, and Long-Hair. That behavior ranges from near aggression to a more gentle nature. But whether kind or crazy or caustic, every Dachshund is a canine work of art.

Sadly, they do tend to have some particular health problems that are less common in other breeds. Spinal conditions are the most likely, with some estimates as high as 1 in 4 that one will be struck with some disc disease. But there are other risks, such as Cushing’s Disease, kidney stones, and eye problems. The right diet can’t eliminate those genetic tendencies, but it can help keep your Doxie in top shape. They are high-energy dogs, and a balanced diet of protein, fat, and essential vitamins and minerals of high quality is a significant factor in keeping them fit.

These are elements or molecules with an extra electron that can harm cells when they exist in too-high concentrations. Even though, unlike Retrievers, you may not always get the ball back when you want…Training can help modify that voluntary nature. They are loving and loyal and, while not as eager to please as Goldens or German Shepherds, they will still recognize the alpha with the right techniques. Consistency and patience are a must, as is a willingness to keep a regular schedule. They are very bright, but obedience does not come easily. They will require time to learn and accept who is the top dog in the house.

They are broken down to take part in forming hormones and enzymes. They also provide a source of calories that Dachshunds need to power all those activities, just as people do. That isn’t common, but it’s more likely with this breed than most others. It comes out most frequently with strangers or strange animals, but sometimes it will be seen with other family members. Rough handling and sharp yells will only increase that problem. More creative techniques are needed to mold them in more positive directions.

For fussy dogs, or just for extra flavor, mixing a spoonful or two of wet food with dry is fine. Smooth-Coat Dachshunds require the least care, but a monthly bath and a weekly brush are still a must. Long-Hairs will need much more, because of the longer fur and the dog’s short legs, which make getting dirty a near certainty. Training, grooming, and just plain having fun will be a lot easier with the right Dachshund accessories. A good halter, plenty of Dachshund-sized balls and chew toys, a crate for housebreaking training, and a carrier for trips around town will all make your life easier. They will make your Dachshund’s life more comfortable, too, which they will enjoy. Just ask them, and they’ll tell you in no uncertain terms.

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