Pet Grooming: with or without the Nit-picking and Perfume

Isn’t it adorable how primates groom each other? And isn’t it fascinating how some bird species do a type of grooming of each other? Well, don’t get too hopeful: our dogs are way too busy, our fish do not need for it, and uh, ahem, you indeed won’t find a cat willing to be bothered by grooming someone else! For the most part, that is, our dogs, birds, reptiles, and fish–and indeed our cats (we know, we know)–do not get into the social habit of pet grooming each other. So it’s left to us to see that the pet grooming is done–either by us or by someone practised in the art, if you will. And specific body parts are especially vulnerable and, therefore, mainly dependent on humans for their well-being. For example, their teeth are essential tools for tearing, grinding, and chewing, but are also vital to the digestive process. But as teeth break up food, residue accumulates on the surface of the teeth, attracting bacteria–which turns into a build-up called plaque. You can quickly rid your pets’ teeth of plaque by brushing them frequently, for if the plate stays, it builds into harder stuff called tartar, which without brushing can damage gums, bones, and teeth. This is just one example of many parts of your pets that need attending to.

So, are you ready to brush kitty’s teeth? Products are available: there are adorable mini toothbrushes and cute little tubes of toothpaste. There are ear and eye products, breath products, nail clippers and trimmers, and much more. But if pet grooming is too tricky–what with Mr Tom’s claws coming at you, and all–or if you don’t want to appear to be the mama baboon digging bugs out of the fur of a loved one and eating them, be sure to see your vet or pet groomer. It’s beautiful watching them do it, too, especially since they have the patience, the knowledge, the experience, and the skills.

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