What Is The Best Pet Salamander?

With over 650 species of salamander, it can be extremely challenging to know which you should pick if you want one as a pet. However, this article is going to give you a couple of the best options that you have as a beginner in the salamander world. With so many options to choose from, it is possible that you would like to see something a little different, so we have picked out two of the less common species that you can own as pets. However, if you want something more common, then go for the tiger salamander.

The spotted salamander is one of the least well-known species to have as a pet, and more because people do not know about them. They are still very easy to look after, and they look very nice, too. They often grow to around seven inches long but can grow up to ten, if they are kept well. The California climbing salamander is another great option, as they like to climb as well as burrow, giving you more options to set up your vivarium. They will need either oak or sycamore log in there, though!

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