What Do Pet Salamanders Eat?

Reptiles are wonderful pets, and a lot of people are beginning to own them. As we have spoken about in the article “Can you have a pet salamander?”, you can only buy them from proper pet breeders, as they are endangered in the wild. However, when you have one, you need to know how to look after them. So, what do pet salamanders eat? We will tell you in this quick introduction. Gilled salamander larvae are difficult to feed. However, by the time that you have your pet, they should be onto normal food, so we will talk about those in a different article.

Feeding an adult salamander is easier. However, you still need to vary their foods. Feeding is on-demand and that could be only once every couple of days. Therefore, you must remove uneaten food from their habitat straight away. The best things to feed your pet salamander are small feeder roaches, earthworms, and crickets. They should all be dusted with reptile vitamins, too. Try to feed them from tweezers, too. That makes it easier to control how much they eat, and not leave uneaten food in with them.

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