Can You Have A Pet Salamander?

You may or may not know that salamanders in the wild are on the decrease. However, that doesn’t stop people from wanting one as a pet. So, can you have a pet salamander? The answer is yes, you can. However, you need to buy one that has been bred in captivity especially for the pet trade, not a caught one. Furthermore, you need to consider which species of salamander you are going to have, as there is a huge difference in the size range. Some can stop growing at a couple of inches long, others can grow up to 5-feet!

Their habitat is pretty specific, too. However, it is not as difficult as some other animals. Making sure that their tank replicated their natural habitat is a must. Therefore, you need to use damp potting soil, keep the tank cool, and provide good ventilation. Remember to give them places to hide, and water to bathe in. DO NOT use tap water, only ever use bottled spring water, as their skin will absorb the chemicals in the tap water and it can be dangerous. On that note, if you need to handle your salamander, you need to rinse your hands in bottled water, or wear gloves, as they will absorb all of the salt and oils in your skin, too.

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