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Dog food cottage pie!


Recently my friends and I had a weekend together, and on the second night, we had had a few wines and got chatting about some of the things we have done that we would instead never tell anyone!

A few things came out that gave us all a load of laughs, but the best one had to be the story one of our friends told us about the time she fed her husband (now ex-husband) dog food! We couldn’t believe what she was telling us. It happened when they were going through their break up, and he insisted on staying in the marital home, he had plenty of places to go but just wanted to be complicated. He always bought the dog food, and it was probably the best dog food too as he seemed to care more about the dog than he did his wife!

He was particularly tricky one day, and so our friend offered to cook dinner for him as she had the time before she went out. He, of course, said yes. He was a lazy person she told us. She made a cottage pie and used one of the tins of pet food he had bought that day; she said you would have never known there was any dog food in there from the look of it! She went out that evening telling him to enjoy his pie and as there was plenty if there were any left he could give some to his dog as it would beat any of the best dog food he could give him from a tin!


  1. It’s a brrrrrrrr day on hand (but probably not near a brrrrrr as Alaska). Gizmo and Kappa were on hand to greet me when I came in the door. Kappa was in the box by the door (with all the Christmas paper), and Gizmo was bouncing around – LOL!!! I asked him if he wanted to go pee-pee and the response was immediate, he was jumping and barking at the same time, kind of like Tigger!! I put him outside and left the door open so he could come back in, but I did not realize that Kappa also knew how to go out the doggie door, so of course, the next thing I knew, Kappa was missing in action!! I knew, according to your notes, that he would be back in the morning. So I went ahead and fed Gizmo and cleaned the litter box. Gizmo and I played on the porch and in the family room for a while, and then I gave him some cookies – ahhhhhhh, another cookie monster!! He loves those cookies. I straightened up and went out to look for Kappa. I didn’t see him but hoped he be back in the morning. Your friend, Ryan, left a note and asked if I could watch Gizmo and Kappa from January 1st through the 6th. He said if I gave him the amount, he would leave a check for that time. I called him and let him know that I would put you on the schedule and that the amount would be the same as the current week, because of the holiday (New Year’s). I called Ryan and left the message on his cell phone. I locked up and noticed that there was no light on the porch. I will look around and try to replace the lamp.

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