Pets are People Too

Pets are people too is the way a vast number of travelers feel, and rightfully so! When you are visiting central Iowa, you will be pleased with all of the locations, hotels, parks, and other outdoor venues that will allow you to bring your pet with you.

Everyone that has a pet feels that they are unique, and to them, they are, so taking them along on a trip to visit Iowa is just a natural occurrence.

Some hotels are thoughtful enough to have canine packages, including things like a water bowl, chew bone, and maybe even a sleeping mat for them to enjoy. Occasionally these are included in the cost of the room so you can take them with you when you check out. Other places have green space dedicated to walking your pet, letting them get some exercise along with doing necessary work. If you ask, the hotel will give you a pair of gloves and a plastic bag to clean up the area before you take your pet back to the hotel. It is a wise thing to do, keeping the area clean for the next pet owner that wants to have a neat place to walk their pet.

There usually is an additional charge for pets in a room with you. The reason is simple, pets shed, and it takes housekeepers a longer cleaning time per room to get the pet hair vacuumed up and have the room ready for the next guest. Don’t complain about the extra charge. After all, additional guests get charged, and again, pets are people too!

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