How Long Can Pet Pygmy Goats Live?

If you have been looking for a little more unusual pet than your average cat or dog, you may have thought about a pygmy goat. They are wonderful pets that you can have tremendous amounts of fun with. However, many people want to know how long an animal will live. That sometimes seems like a bad thing to ask. However, if you are serious about owning a pet, you need to know how long your commitment is, as it is usually a big one. So, how long do pet pygmy goats live?

Pygmy goats have an average life span of around fifteen years. The world’s oldest goat lived until 22, which is a very long time for any goat. However, some will only live for around ten years, even when treated and looked after perfectly. While that doesn’t sound like a long time compared to the eighty-year life span of some parrots, ten to fifteen years is still a huge commitment. Therefore, ensure you understand what you will need to do and how long before you buy one.

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