Can You Have a Pet Pygmy Goat?

Many people are looking at getting different pets. The times of only having a dog for a pet are long gone. One of the main questions we have seen regarding different pets is; can you have a pet pygmy goat? The answer is yes, you can, if you have space, time, and finances for keeping one in the conditions that they need.

Depending on where you live, there are also legal requirements to consider before buying a pet pygmy goat. For example, in the UK, you need to get a CPH (County Parish Holding) number. furthermore, you need to do that before even owning one on your own property. Furthermore, as they are livestock, you need to tag them, too. However, owning just one Pygmy goat is not a wise idea. They are herd animals, so you will need to have at least two, or they will become lonely and antisocial.

Remember to have either castrated males, or faulted females, as they are both cheaper, and castration makes the animals easier to handle. If you buy them together as young goats, they should get along well. However, introducing new animals into the herd may cause issues.

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