Iguana Health

Your beautiful pet iguana is usually a comfortable pet to take care of compared to some other animals, but there are always things which you should look out for to keep him healthy and happy. Iguana health problems can arise quickly and can sometimes need urgent attention, so it is essential to be aware of the issues which can occur.

Severe burn injuries can be caused by exposed, light sources which are too bright or which are too close to the iguana. This can happen if your iguana has out-grown his enclosure and has no choice but to be near the light source. If there is an exposed light bulb in the light source, then this can reach blistering temperatures itself while it is heating the surrounding cage. To eliminate this problem, it is best to fit a protective device to ensure that no direct heat reaches your pet. These are readily available from many pet stores, and so this horrible problem is easily avoided.

Another serious problem which can affect iguana health is that they can acquire injuries to their nose. This is caused by constant attempts to escape by rubbing their noses against their cages. This happens in glass cages and wire mesh cages. The injuries can happen repeatedly, and so may result in quite severe deformities over a long period. It is not easy to prevent this, but it is possible to help the iguana feel more at home in his enclosure. Adequate hiding places such as rocks and plants help with this. Also, painting a black area around the base of the tank can help.

One common disease that iguanas often suffer from is malnutrition. Unfortunately, many owners feed their pets on lettuce. Although this contains enough moisture, there is not enough nutrition to meet their needs. Iguanas become so used to the salad that they will not eat anything else. Their legs become stiff and swollen, and they become listless and inactive – which are the signs of a calm, happy, and well-fed pet! So their condition often goes unnoticed. To treat these sick animals, other foods must be introduced into their diet. Spinach and other leafy greens which contain B vitamins and iron can be added to the lettuce. Also, fruits and vegetables can be cut up small and introduced alongside the salad.

Other conditions can also occur, such as mouth rot and abscesses in other areas of the body. These need to be spotted and treated as soon as they occur. The only remedy is to take the iguana to a vet who will clean out the infected areas and prescribe medication.

Iguanas can be great and rewarding pets who provide lots of happiness to their owner, but it is crucial to keep an eye on them and treat anything which may be wrong. Provide the proper iguana health care for your pet, and both pet and owner will have a long and happy relationship.

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