Large Pigs As Pets

Large Pigs can be great pets for people who are into animal husbandry. However, pigs are foragers and spend a large part of the day rooting around for different types of food, such as roots, bulbs, insects, small rodents, reptiles, and more. Therefore, a pig should be given a varied diet and a large outdoor space to root to get the best results.

Can You Keep Large Pigs As Pets?

If you love animals, consider getting a pig as a pet. However, they are only compatible with some types of animals. For example, cats and pigs tend to get along well, and dogs and pigs are not a good combination. This is because dogs are large predators, while pigs are prey animals. Pigs have been known to attack dogs, particularly when they think that food is involved. Pigs are also highly social animals.

Keeping pigs as pets can be challenging, particularly in urban environments. Many people expect that pigs are just like dogs and can be housebroken, but that is not the case. While pigs can be trained to go potty on command, there are better places to start this process than a large home.

Pigs are also not suitable for people with small children. They can be aggressive toward children and try to eat them. They can also be dangerous for other smaller pets. In addition to being aggressive to humans, pigs can cause damage to smaller pets and children. Because of this, you should consider the care and maintenance of your pig before purchasing one.

Do Large Pigs Make Good Pets?

The first question you might have is, “Do large pigs make good pets?” Whether or not a pig is suitable for your family may depend on your lifestyle and your family’s needs. These large animals can grow to be 20 inches tall and weigh 180 pounds. They can be difficult to take care of since most veterinarians do not treat pigs. Additionally, since pigs are considered farm animals, you may have to travel a distance for veterinary care. In addition, it can be difficult to transport large pigs to a veterinarian because of their size.

The size and weight of a pig depend on its breed. Smaller pigs weigh less than half the size of a large pigs. But if you’re considering adopting a large pig as a pet, make sure you’re prepared to take care of it. Some commercial breeds can weigh more than 300 pounds, and a mature female pig can weigh over 700 pounds. Also, it would be best if you considered your home’s size and space requirements.

Do Pigs Like To Be Petted?

Large Pigs make excellent pets, but you should know that they have some requirements you should be aware of before getting a pet. These pigs must be given plenty of exercises and be trained to use a litter box. They also love a good scratch and a game of fetch. However, they are easy to train, and most pigs get along with other domestic animals.

You should know that pigs are highly manipulative animals. They can easily disrupt a peaceful household if not properly trained. Therefore, you must establish a clear household standard and stick to it. A pig can also be prone to charging and butting if it is not weaned properly. To avoid this, you should place a barrier between you and your pig.

Choosing to own a large pig as a pet is a big decision. Not only do they grow to be very large animals, but they also have many challenges that can make them difficult to manage. For example, pigs often have difficulty with strangers, making them difficult to keep as pets. In addition, the average life span of a pig is 15-25 years, so this is a long commitment.

Pigs are generally a bit stubborn and are food-oriented. However, they can be trained to obey simple commands. Unfortunately, they also like to root and nest, damaging carpets, walls, and furniture. Therefore, you must ensure you allow your pig enough outdoor time to exercise.

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