Why Is My Pet Frog Bloated?

Frogs and inflation can often seem to go together; we have all see the images of frogs with their chins puffed out while making a noise. However, not all frogs can do that, and not all bloating is in the same area. There are some other common types of bloating that you are likely to see. Well, some more likely than the one, and one of them is something that you do not want to see! So, why is my pet frog bloated? As we have said, there are a few primary reasons for bloating in frogs.

Defense is the most common. If your frog feels threatened, they can inflate to make themselves look bigger, scarier, and possibly too big to eat. The next is to avoid sex, which is a female trait. Inflation makes it harder for the male to mount the female. However, males can inflate to try and seduce the female. The most dangerous is edema or dropsy, and that is not something that you want to see. It is a disease of the lymphatic system, causing them to fill with fluid. That can happen very quickly and is lethal if you do not get them to the vets very quickly.

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