Caring for abandoned Dogs

LINDA was rescued today by two animal friends. LINDA is a girl that roamed the streets of ALMODOVAR. Two ladies fed her and soon realized she was pregnant.

Not knowing what to do, they asked the two only local associations to welcome this mother with her pups. The answer was NO on both sides, from both associations. With no alternatives, and since they followed my page, they contacted me. LINDA hid her young in a hole, but it quickly filled up with water leaving this mother desperate. Due to this situation, I could not deny help to this family! What kind of person would I be going to this mother down the street with your kids?

I’m sorry that so many associations with fundraises, many aids, many campaigns in supermarkets to collect food have refused to help this girl. Animal friends? Where? I am sad because I have not had much luck, and I have great aid, as you know, but I have one thing that many do not know what it is A HEART WITH VERY MUCH LOVE FOR ANIMALS * … Now the custom, anyone who can help you know I need it at this time! THANK YOU! Teresa

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