Agility for dogs

The ideal sport for active dogs

Are walks boring for you and your dog in the long run? Do you want to experience more together with your four-legged friend and become a powerful team? Then the dog sport agility might be just the thing for you! Modern dog sports serve to improve communication between humans and dogs and can be practised particularly well outdoors. The intensive cooperation with masters or mistresses is especially great fun for the fur noses. As a rule, active four-legged friends with a zeal for fire are there when it comes to mastering the obstacle course as flawlessly as possible.

What is agility good for?

In addition to the growing team spirit between humans and dogs, the fun and movement of the dogs are also a decisive factor in the sport. Every dog ​​should get a lot of exercises, no matter what age or situation, and preferably in combination with an exciting activity. Dog sport promotes the stamina of your four-legged friend and strengthens both the muscles and the circulation. This prevents joint problems and obesity and increases the well-being of your favourite. Because agility both promotes and occupies the dog and strengthens trust between humans and dogs, dog sport has become increasingly popular in recent years. You set up a small course for your dog and let him discover the obstacles himself until you can start with simple exercises. This activity in the fresh air is also suitable for you and offers a significant change from everyday life!

For which dogs is agility suitable?

If you have a particularly active dog that is very learnable and has fun working with you, then agility is just the thing. In team sports, the four-legged friends can let off steam and, guided by your body language and voice, whiz through the course. Large and massive dogs, on the other hand, that are not particularly agile, such as St. Bernard or Newfoundland, should not do the sport due to the enormous physical strain. The competition is also not suitable for overweight and sick dogs because of the high effort! The game strains the joints and can lead to joint diseases such as arthrosis in unusually large or heavy dogs.

How is the obstacle course structured?

Agility has become an established dog sport in which dogs have to go through a course with obstacles. The cooperation between man and dog is crucial since the owner has to guide his dog through the course, like on an invisible leash. The course consists of various obstacles such as slalom poles, seesaws, tunnels, hurdles, or tires and can be put together individually. If you want to take part in agility championships, you even differentiate between 3 different performance classes, which indicate the level of difficulty of the overall course. Having fun and teamwork are top priorities in dog sport! If you want to buy agility accessories for your four-legged friend so that you can train yourself in the garden, you either get a complete training set or purchase the obstacles such as slalom poles, a tunnel, height-adjustable multifunctional hurdles or a tire individually.

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