Pet Turtles and Pet Rats

Pet turtles are the coolest things. They are like the smallest of dinosaurs. They may seem like dinosaurs sometimes, as they have been known to live over a hundred years. But when we buy pet turtles that may have been snatched from their native habitat, they may not have a chance of outliving us. In other words, take special care to take your pet turtles to your vet as soon as you get them; learn about the right types of food and correct amounts of food to feed your turtles; ask about the proper temperatures for these cold-blooded creatures that must have a balanced body and surrounding temperature, and be sure they are not stressed or frightened. Also, pet turtles should have heated areas or sunny spots with rocks for them to climb on and hang out on and should also have plenty of space to be active. This way, they will continue to be the coolest ancestors to the reptilian dinosaurs and maybe will outlive you and yours.

Pet Rats

Moms may not be too keen on them, but pet rats are magnificent animals for the home. Pet rats are compact and will fit comfortably in any household, whether it is in the city apartment or the country den. Pet rats require very little care and attention. They eat anything—almost—as they are natural scavengers. And they are quite affectionate creatures that bond with humans easily and quickly.

Pet rats can also live longer than goldfish—up to two or four years—though not as long as dogs and cats, of course. And pet rats are one of the most accessible kinds of animals to train.

If you take a few simple precautions or steps, you can keep pet rats: you need a rat cage (which is better for them than a hamster or gerbil cage because it gives them room), one that the freedom-loving creatures won’t chew through and run out of. And you need to provide them with the same attention you would like any loveable domestic so that they won’t get bored. But if you are a rat lover, you won’t e able to resist holding them, putting them in your pocket, or carrying them with you on occasion. Just don’t show Mom.

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