Virtual Pet Goals 2020

As we’ve just entered the year 2020 – we’ve yet to see any virtual pet site owners post goals – or announce their goals for the year, but seeing how we’re one of the most influential forces in our community, we’ve decided to create some goals for satisfied pet site owners, and hope that they can reach them at the end of the year. It’s quite a challenge, but these goals can be met if the owners – and staff members of the pet sites can work harder, launch advertising campaigns, and bust out a lot of new features for their users.

1: Rescreatu should peak at 200+ users online by 2021 and have over 250,000 registered users. Rescreatu should also have over 5,000 items, more lands to explore, and more features. Even more pets. So, we’ll give Rescreatu til January 1, 2021, to reach these goals.

2: Marapets should have the following goals in mind for the new year: peak at over 5,000 online, have over 5 million users and be one of the largest pet sites in the new year (it is already, but is rarely talked about).

3: Subeta should have the following goals in mind for 2020: peak at over 3,000 – 5,000 users online, have over 350,000 users and surpass Marapets in terms of activity.

So, the new year as begin and we’ve only posted goals for 3 of the pet sites that we think should work on a few goals this year. Are we biased? We don’t think so, these pet sites are just the ones that we favor the most – and love to talk about.

So, do you think Subeta can surpass Marapets in the next year – or will the talk of their recode continue to be their hype? Their recode has recently gone live, on a test server, and is currently in alpha or beta testing for their users, so we should see it go live on the leading site soon.

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