Obedience beginner set for dogs

Do you want to do a great dog sport with your dog? Obedience training is obedience training for dogs, which aims to create perfect communication between humans and dogs and is suitable for four-legged friends of all sizes and breeds. In addition to mastering the necessary auditory signals, sit, stand, and place, the retrieval of different materials is one of the things that the dog should master perfectly. It is vital that the dog learns to follow the commands of its owner from a distance and switches precisely between the sitting, standing, and standing position.
The control at a distance is the main factor in obedience training, and therefore the sport challenges your dogs not only physically but also mentally. During the training, you send your dog to different marking points, and he learns to differentiate between left and right, as well as to only retrieve the objects displayed. The concentration of the four-legged friend and focus on the master is crucial. Obedience is obedience training that, at the same time, strengthens the bond between humans and dogs and optimally challenges active four-legged friends! Would that be something for you too? Then you get a great starter set from Schecker!

Obedience starter set for dogs

If you want to try out obedience training with your dog, you can buy an excellent obedience starter set for €36.95 from Schecker. The set consists of 4 entrances, ten pieces of identification wood with a bag, a retrieve, a box tape and pegs, and a bag. With the arches and the 3 x 3-meter box tape, which are fixed by bolts, you can create marking points and narrow down fields in which your four-legged friend executes specific commands. The identification sticks are used for odour training in obedience sports and are placed, for example, 10 meters away from the dog handler. The dog must locate the block of wood previously carried by its owner and brought back. As the name suggests, the retriever will be used in the retrieval exercises. In the set, there is also a tutorial to help you with the correct execution of the tasks. If you are interested in obedience training, order the starter set from Schecker now!

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