Neopets is going downhill

According to a recent blog post by Kym (the owner of Pinkpt); Neopets’ community isn’t getting any stronger and is slowly going downhill. Why is this? Well, we believe Neopets started going downhill once the two founders left, Adam and Donna. Not only has Viacom failed to innovate and release new features onto the Neopets site – it still lacks a bit. Isn’t Neopets one of the biggest and worst pet sites on the web today?

Well, we thought so too, but they use freezing bots for their members, and even if you don’t break a rule, your account will be banned. What happened to Neopets? Why isn’t anyone talking about them anymore? The only people talking about Neopets these days are the fansites that were created to cover everything about Neopets from help, guides to plot coverage. Is Neopets just attracting new users and not maintaining its current user base? What gives? Can Neopets once again regain its old glory or is Neopets doomed to continue to fall off without the lack of promotion from its members?

Neopets is relying on its merchandise to promote – and not its members. Why can’t they rely on their members to support? Aren’t the members the key to Neo’s successor or is the merchandise the key? You tell me, but I believe if Neopets focused more on innovation, and released new features that the users have suggested in the past, then they can take every small pet site’s users – as well as the growing ones because Neopets is the first pet site and users will always flock back.

However, ever since we were banned, we’ve never turned back. We still talk about Neopets because it’s the most gigantic virtual pet site but other than that, we don’t care about Neopets – we wish they’d do better though and remove the freezing bots; tell the users that Adam and Donna are gone – and start focusing on developing new features instead of trying to implement new virtual worlds which are slated to come out by the end of 2018.

Neopets will always be the most prominent virtual pet site with the most flash games – and most attractive, however; shouldn’t they treat the kids with more respect instead of freezing them for no reason?

Since we’re on the topic of Neopets, can they ever be beaten?

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