What is Zetapets?

Q: What is Zetapets? A: Zetapets is a virtual pet site / RPG site where you can create/adopt your very own virtual pet, explore new worlds, buy and sell items, do quests, interact with other users, and pets (virtual pets and petpals) and more.

Q: Why would I want to join Zetapets? A: You should join Zetapets because it’s fun, it’s free and isn’t updated much. So if you’d like to join a pet site that’s currently being recorded and a new version is under development, then Zetapets is for you!

Q: Why should I choose Zetapets over other pet sites? A: Zetapets has an active user base (consisting of daily members and not veteran members) and with a lot of fake promises; Zetapets may seem to be attractive, but it’s not. If you like a pet site with somewhat of a twist, then Zetapets is for you.

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