Havana (Cat)

Havana cigar color coat was also known as Havana brown cat. Soft, slim body, slender limbs, almond eyes, and large ears and long tail, in addition to coat color, the shape is very much like Siamese cats. Havana cat bright, restless curiosity, hi love running jump, and good for you, but people need special care.

Havana cat has a high I.Q. It can quickly remember his name, to get your attention and touch you with a paw, or jumping in front of you to attract your attention. There is an extreme cat Havana ability to adapt, as long as the owner can get the care and care, even living in need for frequent movement of families, would not be much of an impact, but, like other pets, cats can not be prolonged solitary Havana to stay at home. Havana cat has been known for centuries, many people believed the cat to protect the owner of the brown, so that from doom. Havana may be the origin of the cat in Southeast Asia in the 19th century as a branch of Siamese cats come to the U.K. schools. 1894, Master Timkey Brown Cat first appeared in the show, it was described as “dressed in a brown, smooth fur, with blue-green eyes, the Siamese cat.” In 1930, the Havana brown cat form a whole variety, to make this cat is more based on brown gaudy, warm terracotta, the United Kingdom through the various combinations of family breeding experiments with a chocolate coat color gene with the person, with chocolate Siamese color Motif of British shorthair female black cat mate has changed the color of the offspring. 1953, then further use it and the Russian Blue Cat, Siamese cats mating, the last day of the Havana Brown cat breed. As for how this cat got this name, there are several explanations. Some historians insist that it gets its name from the same color in the Havana rabbit. However, most Havana cat lovers prefer to believe that its name with the famous Havana cigars related. In short, if you want a smart, easy to feed, secure exchange of cats as friends, have a sweet such as chocolate general appearance and color of the Havana cat is undoubtedly the perfect choice.

English name: Havana

Country of Origin: U.K.

Habit: vigorous, very playful, subtle passion with one of a gentleman; straight home, and good for you, but asking someone to give special attention; call attentive mother always said that non-stop between the cat, cat dedication to their children.

Reproduction: viviparous

Variety: No different types; However, the same as the Burmese cat, the U.K., and across the Atlantic, the U.S., different standards to judge such a cat. Havana, the United Kingdom looks more like a cat outside the United States to maintain those kinds of pure brown cat, a Siamese cat form; and Havana brown cat’s physique United States closer to the Russian Blue Cat, unlike Siamese cats, because the United States in Havana cat Havana, the first cat’s head than the U.K. is short, while the hair is longer. Its shape is a semi-cob type horse rather than an active muscular type.

Historical Origins: This is the early 20th century, 50 by the British scientists bred livestock, it is Chocolate Point Siamese and British shorthair indigenous hybrids. Because of their body hair, beard, the nose is brown, with Cuba the same color as the famous Havana cigars, which the cat named Havana, which means cigar color cat.

Nose: the nose short and straight

Paws: claws small, oval-shaped

Tail: long tail

Coat: short and shiny hair

Body: medium height, slender body type is Oriental. Waist-high flat back, muscles dynamic. Neck with body coordination.

Ears: large ears, top round, slightly forward, a considerable distance between the ears.

Head: skull length slightly larger than the width. Eyes, muzzles, long whiskers, and spots at the depression significantly. Nose depression. Lower jaw broad, strong and muscular.

Eyes: big eyes slightly oval, mainly eye color to green, shining brilliantly.

Color: brown hair (chocolate color) and gray with warm pink colors (cream color), with which chocolate is redder than the Burmese cat, thicker tan. Nose and between the toes are disclosed in the rosy brown, brown beard.

Toe: small oval for the top grade.

Coat: Short-haired cat hair is medium in length, straight and shiny, thick close to the body surface distribution. Tail: tail medium long, thin tail.

Limbs: long and slender, in proportion with the body and tail.

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