Hayman Island cats

Isle of Man Cat alias: Hayman Island cats, Manku Si cat, Manx cat, Manx tailless cat.

Cat native to the Isle of Man between Britain and Northern Ireland, Isle of Man has a long history. In 1901 the Isle of Man in the UK had a cat club, the then King Edward VII is said to keep a few Manx cats. Cat on the origin of the Isle of Man has many beautiful legends. According to legend, Genesis, because of flooding, with a lot of animals on Noah’s ark to escape the rush of the ark in the closed door, the cat does not accidentally clip off the tail. Some legends, I588 hostile forces in Spain without a boat sank in the Isle of Man; cats escaped on board the Isle of Man to become the ancestors of the cat.

Irish invaders have to say hi to do with the cat’s tail hair, the cat behind the atrocities, and to prevent the cat from the cat’s tail bitten off little by little. From these legends, we can see the heart of people’s favorite. Isle of Man residents also favored by the world to have such a feeling of supreme pride of cats, this specially cast on the Isle of Man coin the image of the cat.

Isle of Man and the British Shorthair cat looks like, the most striking features of the cat are, no tail or short tail, followed by round, round mouth, round eyes, rounded ears. The cats developed the limbs, such as rabbits hopping step Faqi Te, it is another cat known as Rabbit.


Head: skull round, plump cheeks, muzzle successful, long nose, medium, nose collapse.

Ears: Medium size ears, base width, ear side rounded, the vast distance between the ears, feathering less.

Eyes: large round eyes, slightly Yanshao hanging.

Body: short stature, tendons developed, thick waist short neck, chest wide and deep, back brief and precise from the shoulder to the hips arched, tail above the shoulders, waist muscle fullness, buttocks complete, rounded shape like the whole barrel.

Extremities: limb bones strong, short forelimbs, and in proportion to the chest wide and deep. Hind legs long, thick thigh, waist-high par.

Toe: Round, secure, and powerful.

Tail: Tail There are four types: the first category is the full no tail, just a little part of the growth of the nail fold. The second category is only a short caudal vertebra, forming a protruding appearance. The third category is the tail is very short, often curved, twisting — the fourth class of tail length to normal. The end may be registered for the above four categories, but the exhibitors who can only be completely tailless.

Coat: The coat is a double coat, short hair and dense, elastic, hard, and shiny on the nose, under the thick, soft as cotton wool.

Color: coat color monochrome, color, markings, mixed color, and other colors. Among them, green, blue, purple, red, brown, and more common.

Disadvantages: the face is small and sharp, oriental slim size, beak, long filamentous single hair, thin waist, thin arms, the backline level by the disadvantages: joint visible tail, cattail for the bads man.

Isle of Man Cat smart, gentle, and good for you, best to avoid touching its tail. Longer life expectancy, family farming is generally available to more than 15 years, longevity is the cat.

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