Manchester Terrier | Manchester Terrier Dog Pet

Full name: Manchester Terrier

Type: Small dog

Alias: dark brown toy dog, toy dogs Manchester

Tall:25-30 cm

English name: manchester terrier

Country of Origin: UK

Weight:3-4 kg

Hair length: short hair

Function: companion dogs | Terriers

Life: About 15 years

Originated in the 16th century.

Manchester Terrier and the now extinct in the dark brown stems have a blood relationship. The 18th century, breeders in Manchester by the “John Hume” improved in Manchester Terrier, good at quick catch mice, the dark brown stems from Shuozhuang Whippets dogs mating with the production of such varieties. Subsequently joined the West among the species level stems. In 1959, Manchester Terrier and dogs with similar and appreciation to conduct a separate registration are now recognized as only a small Manchester terrier. This sleek and good active breed, they reached 100 years ago, as the famous “English gentleman dog” and popular level. They are exported to North America and Germany and were incorrectly by its dark brown fur, the development of both Boman Ni dogs. Induced rats when it becomes unpopular, their decline began (there was a time, a named Manchester than in dogs have been captured in 7 minutes, wooden box of records within the 100 mice). Ban ear cut their penetration further reduced, and breeders have spent some time in their V-shaped lop incubation. Despite the bad temper of the breeds of dogs, but they can act as a lively and energetic companion dogs. Fearless and agile Lake Land Terrier was initially raised in northern England, and the farmers use to protect their sheep from the attacks.


Manchester Terrier can not have the offensive or timid. He was very strict, but it can distinguish between true enemies. Varieties are not noisy, very friendly to other dogs. Over-aggressive or timid should be considered disqualified.

Body shape

Toy Manchester Terrier’s weight does not exceed 12 pounds. Club to consider the United States according to the weight varieties and species of open standards to distinguish: 7 pounds or less; 7 pounds to 12 pounds. Standard Manchester terrier’s weight up to 12 to 22 pounds. Club to consider the United States according to the weight varieties and open separate species: body weight in 12 to 16 pounds; body weight in 16 to 22 pounds. More than 22 pounds of dogs will not be recognized. Manchester Terrier’s overall appearance is slightly larger in length and height. That is, from the withers to the ground, then the vertical distance from the shoulder to the hind legs slightly smaller horizontal distance. Boned, muscular, to ensure adequate sensitivity and durability. Divided into standard and toy Manchester terrier. In addition to size and ears, the standard Manchester Manchester even more between the toy is no different. Toy Manchester Manchester is a more narrow standard after the improved varieties.

Department head

Manchester Terrier quick, alert look. First minister, narrow, skin close to the skull, almost flat, forehead slightly backward in addition to shrinking. Seen from the front or side like a blunt wedge. Tone and the head of equal length.


Standard Manchester terrier’s ear is allowed to be set ears, cropped ears, or the button ear. Several ear is not good or bad. Erect ears should be in the top of the head and the button on the right position, ears wide, tapering ears. Wide, open, blunt tip, and the bell-shaped ears a serious fault. Cropped ears should be long, pointed, and erect.


Almond-shaped eyes, almost black, eyes small, bright flash. Appropriate location close to the outer corner slightly upward sloping. Eye neither prominent nor deep. The color must be black.


The nose is black.

Under the bus

Tone under the eyes, full, but do not see the cheek muscles. Mandibular full, clean cut. Black lips close to the jaw. Jaws full and powerful jaws full, and tidy. White teeth, scissors bite, clamp-like bite acceptable.


Forearm length and shoulder blade approximately equal in length. That is, from the elbow to withers is equal to the length from the elbow to the ground. Elbows close to the chest. The shoulder is appropriate. Forelegs straight, medium length, located in the chest below. Vertical wrist. Feet are compact, well arched. The two middle toes are longer than the other toes. Pads are thick, black nails.


Muscular thighs, and the upper part and lower part of the same length. Angulated stifles. From the rear, the hocks turn neither inward nor outward bend. Smooth extension of the body to the hind legs. The hind feet similar to the catlike, pads thick, black nails.


Feet are compact, well arched. The two middle toes are longer than the other toes. Pads are thick, black nails.


Tail tapering, longer than the hock. Located in the rear end. Tail junction with the body fairly thick, tapering ends. Slightly upturned, but must not roll in the back.


The coat should be smooth, short, dense, tight, and shiny. It cannot be soft.

Hair color

Coat color is black with a rich mahogany brown, but the two colors clear border can not be mixed up with together. The top two have very small brown spots on the cheeks also have small brown spots. In the head, the muzzle to the nose section is brown. Nose and nose are black. Brown will be extended to the throat below the V-shaped formation. There are some brown ears. Foreleg above the location of the chest has a brown spot, called “Rose Festival.” These characteristics in dogs than in adult dogs who clearly. Before the ankle part of the black “thumb spot.” Other parts of the front legs should all be brown. Four toes on top of all the so-called “penciling” the black stripes. Any white coat is a serious fault.

Step state

Easy gait, without difficulty, the pace of the right forelimb, can not appear horse stance. Strong rear-drive. Hind legs with the corresponding front legs should be in the same line, can not be distorted inward or outward. Fast walking, the result of the body under the center of gravity concentration.

Disqualification Conditions

Standard body weight over 22 pounds; toy cropped; the coat is more than 1 /2-inch white stripe, black and brown outside than there other colors.

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