Kuvasz Dog detailed characteristics

Full name: kuvasz Dog

Type: large dog

Alias: kuvasz Dog

Height :30-52 cm

English name: kuvasz

Country of Origin: Hungary

Weight :30-52 kg

Hair length: Longhair

Function: companion dogs | guard dog | working dogs

Life: 12-14 years


Originated in the 13th century. Ancestors ominous, it is believed Tibet from China and subsequently by Turkey to Hungary. It is on appearance and coat color, and the Great Pyrenees and Maremma Sheepdog are very similar to each other may have a common ancestor. Kuvasz Dog is big dogs but has not an antique look.


Kuvasz Dog With the nomads migrating from Asia to Hungary is the undisputed property of animal husbandry, security, and protection of the cluster dog. During the two world wars, the breed suffered a heavy blow. Hungary in 1956, during political events, when the brave soldiers entered the dog tried to stop when they defend the territory, often killing them almost to the point of extinction. Because in Europe and the U.S. have such dog lovers, so that we have today to see the full re-feeding Kuwa Zi. General Appearance: white Livestock breeds in all, kuvasz Dog when the most famous one. This dog looks uniquely beautiful, tall size, rigid structure, symmetry, and harmony. Moderate bone, well-muscled, but lively, action stretch, no significant heavy, can feel its strength and activity. From the side, the whole is rectangular but close to the square. Their personality active, agile flexibility, and they have a distinct personality and a clear hierarchy, from the right start, they must be continuous education. This dog developed rapidly, have the power, passion, the patience of its training, and capacity-building are the essential proportion of all: the body is longer than the height of the withers. The location of the furrow around the chest is half the height of the withers tone of slightly less than half the length of the head.

Character Smart, decisive, brave, and curious. Caring, courteous. With the spirit of sacrifice. Of praise and blame are very sensitive. The nature of the family dog, loyal, gentle, patient, no obvious emotional. Ready to love to protect his own all that sacrifice. Have a powerful instinct to protect the children. Generally more polite to strangers, but skeptical of new friends and prudence. Excellent guard dogs, when necessary, have not been instructed in the right moment can take corrective action themselves. Bold, courageous, and fearless. A tireless, rugged terrain in the ability to work long hours. It has a good sense of smell, like a hunting game.


Kuvasz Dog is brave and fearless, and they defend the people entrusted to their property, even life. They are confident and very loyal, very much like to follow in their masters. They need a lot of exercise. Lousy weather conditions can be suitable for their care is very simple; to be more appreciated and more responsibility.


Body type Shoulder Height: 28-30 inches (male); 26-28 inches (female) Weight: 100-115 lbs (male); 70-90 pounds (female)


Head: length, width medium. Eyes: almond-shaped, slightly distant points, somewhat oblique; Eyelids tight, dark brown. Ears: V-shaped with rounded tips, the location on the list, in the middle of the eye and head position. Head: long, but not sharp, cheeks flat, brow arched. Muzzle: Length in proportion with the head, the contour straight, not pointed. Jaws/teeth: well developed, the mouth in black as well. Nose: large, black, nostrils open. Lip: black, wholly covered teeth, upper lip, lower lip tightly covered; lower lip tight, no sagging.


Neck: muscular, no considerable, medium length. Back: Medium length, straight, robust, and very wide. Waist: short, muscular, and compact. Hip: muscular, slightly oblique. Chest: DEEP in the chest and long, flexible ribs, the belly tucked up.

Four limbs

Shoulders: Long and muscular. Thigh: medium bone, straight and muscular. Binding compact. Forelimb: wolf claws can not be removed. Pasterns are: long and vertical. Elbow: developed, comprehensive, and long. Feet: padded, flexible, black, tight feet, a thick mat of cat-like feet. Dark nails better.


Tail: sagging, excited, the tail may be held high to the waist position, tip slightly curled.


kuvasz Dog is white, and skin color is sufficient, one of the best skin colors is dark blue-gray or black.

Gait / Movement

Gait was slow and the pace of big. When the trot when the light-footed and elastic. The process in motion; the performance is very lively, tireless.

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