French Bulldog

Full Name: French Bulldog
Type: Medium dog / small dog
Alias: French Bulldog | French Tiger Dog
tall:30-31 cm
English name: French Bulldog
Origin: France
Weight:10-13 kg
Hair length: short hair
Function: companion dogs | bulldog | dog catching mice

French Bulldog appearance is a lively, intelligent, muscular dog, dense bone, smooth coat, compact size medium or small. Expression alert, curious and interested. Other than the removal of dewclaws, besides, any changes to his is wrong, is a disqualification. Proportion and symmetry of All parts are evenly distributed, every part of the relationship with other components are excellent, can not have any part is particularly prominent or lack of, lack of symmetry of the overall look. Gender impact: comparison of individuals of different gender, the requirements of the female relative Kuanshu some aspects of the feature, not as strict as required for the male.


Perhaps just as Epirus (Epirus) and the Roman Empire Morrow Mountain Dog (molasses) (a close relative of the British Bulldog), Alan person (alans-medieval village) and a small Mastiff French Mastiff and all, we understand Bulldogs to 80 in the 19th century Paris, “middle-class” «Société Centrale Canine» popular dog breed in different variants. During this period, Bulldog and market manager for the Orion used, this dog knows how quickly its unique appearance and characteristics of the upper class and the arts to conquer, and as soon out of his propaganda. Paris was established in 1880 their first breeding club. The first clubs registered in 1885, the first standard was established in 1898, the year in which the French “middle-class” «Société Centrale Canine» of France recognized the breed bulldog. The breed was first exhibited at the time of 1887. This standard in 1931,1932 and 1948 was revised in 1986 by HF Li Ante (HFReant) and R. Terry quite (R. Triquet) (1987 年 FCI published) re-interpretation, followed by French Bulldog Dog Club Committee in cooperation with R. Terry quite case, in 1994 and was re-interpretation.


French Bulldog friendly, honest, loyal, persistent, brave, has a unique taste and fully revealed in expression and action. Suitable for children, but also the style of sturdy, capable of excellent guard dogs. Looks great personality, a supercilious, arrogant noble temperament, courageous battle, rather die than surrender, often majestic duel with rivals face, so won the love of people proud. Quiet, rarely barks, very suitable for feeding the city apartments. For companionship with the child for urban farming, do not need regular combing hair, natural to get along with other dogs, but also an excellent goalkeeping dog.


Male: 20 to 25 kg, females: 18 to 23 kilograms, is the large short-haired species.


Shorthead, huge, face very short, the lower jaw protruding from the top, the whole show specific sense of balance. The broad forehead was square, round cheeks, and deep facial wrinkles and more, especially in the lines on the nose should be large and long. The cover part of the upper lip on both sides of the lower lip, the middle is in contact with the lower lip, and completely cover the teeth. Large skull, ears around the head and facial length must be higher than body size. It looked from the front, lower jaw to the skull vertex angle seems to be high (the amount in paragraph deep, jaws volumes, from chin to crown seems short). Also, the full width must appear. It looked from the side; the head looks very high (from top to deep throat sagging skin look), must arise from the nose to the top of the head short. Forehead flat and not prominent, and the amount of deep groove-like section shape or width, will head straight into two until the head can see the traces. Looked from the front, eyes on the bottom of the skull, but should be away from the two ears, two eyes to be at right angles in the number of horizontal line segments. Should be away from the eyes of the end of sight, and, not more than cheek perimeter.


High and prominent ears in the head, small, thin, outer ear and the skull outside the two combined, it should be kept away from the ears and should stay away from the eyes. Ear shape is the best “Rose ear”, sagging in the inner ear, the upper front and rear curved towards the outside and inside the ears can be seen.


Deep dark and round, her eyes wide apart. A medium-size, almost no prominent or depression, eye colour is dark better. Also, the dog looked straight ahead, and the eyelid should cover the white part of the eye, eyelids haw not appear.

Nose and mouth

Short and broad muzzle, nose wrinkles between thick, outer eye wrinkles to the mouth of the inverted-shaped skull in front of the ears separately, and connect tone. Forehead between the ears and nose section of the bottom of the distance is as short as possible. Its length may not exceed the length of the nose to the lower lip. Large, broad nose, nozzle deep into the ears, the nostrils and towards the ramp, the two holes between the cracks, nose to the black better. Upper lip thick and full, deep down, to be hanging on both sides of the jaw. Bonding with the lower lip in front, almost completely cover the teeth, when closed, to not see the teeth better. Broad, wide muzzle, square, are lower jaw. Also prominent than the upper jaw must not roll-up. Teeth large and robust, the canine should be far enough away. Short jaw to be strong. Neck and back arched. Below the throat relax, and must not sag skin.


The back is short and strong, shoulder width, Yao Lei narrow. Slightly slower than the shoulder line back, but the closer the higher the waist, hip coming in, the steep incline to the fast-changing low, and must be domed. This is characteristic of this breed is called “Loach back” or “the wheel back.” The chest is very broad and deep, slightly rounded full. Ribs slightly rounded tight collapse, the legs look short — compact without sagging abdominal, genital to sound.


Hair short before the hard, linear density was born in the skin, smooth and shiny as the ideal. The quality of the order of coat colour: ① ② Other Red Tiger Tiger hair white hair ③ ④ orang hair, colour hair, yellow hair ⑤ black and white spots. However, the apparent contamination of the red than black and white spotted tiger colour hair or dirty hair more desirable.

Four limbs

Before the limb to be chunky, bones and muscles strong, well-developed, slightly arcuate outside the outline of the jaw at first glance appears to bend, but the skeleton has become standing upright. Elbow low, and be away from the body. Department of short, medium and size of the toe to be compact, high knuckles and seems to be chunky. View from the front before the toe, the first toe can be outward. Ministry claws short, the depth of colour consistent with the overall coat colour. The other hind limb does not seem strong, but the bones to be strong and sturdy. Also, to maintain the high waist, hind legs to be higher than the forelimbs. After the knee slightly outward, away from the body than the eye, therefore, appears close to the hock. Location of the low-flying festival, thigh length, so short neck is appropriate. After the toe must be fully outward, feet in front.


Tail short, thick base, tapering front end, its length should not exceed 17 cm. Spiral tail, straight tail, spike-like tail Safe, but bending or twisting the top part must be more than the tail root.


Heavy walking is the unique feature of this breed, walk, towards the waist from side to side. However, the action will not be bound by foot, can be free with vitality activities.


Essential flaw: the two negative V testicles. Major weakness: nose flesh

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