Step By Step Directions on How to Clip Your Dog’s Nails

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Most dogs don’t enjoy nail cutting and are often afraid of it. Many dogs object to nail cutting because someone has clipped their nails too short in the past and hurt them, or they are fearful of the sound of the nail clippers. If you do not have much experience, nip the very tip of the nail with the clipper so that there’s no way you’re going to cut too far and hurt him. Accidents happen once in a while, and even the best groomers occasionally draw blood. Nails can bleed slowly, and it’s best to have something on hand to stop it. The practical product that is designed especially for this purpose is Kwik Stop.

First, make sure you have a sharp nail clipper. The best kind is the one that looks like little pliers and has two blades, top, and bottom. It cuts faster with less effort. Second, find a helper that is going to hold the dog’s body and give treats. Third, keep the dog’s ankle, lift the foot and turn the paw backward so that the pads are facing up. After you’ve nipped the first nail, praise your furry friend by giving a treat (but don’t let go of his foot) and move on to the next toe. Your grip should be firm. The dog shouldn’t be able to pull his foot out of your hand. It may take some time to get the dog to tolerate your holding his foot but be very firm about it. It works best if you keep your voice low, deep, and calm and use a tone that shows him you do not intend to compromise. Forth, take a break after completing each foot. Last, but not least, reward your furry friend with treats and praise for good behavior.


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