Swiss Bernese Mountain Dog

Full Name: Bernese Mountain Dog

Type: large dog

Alias: Burr Martinez Mountain Dog | Hound tender Bernie Wilson | Boni Se cattle dog

tall:58-70 cm

English name: Bernese Mountain Dog

Origin: Switzerland:40-44 kg in weight

Hair length: extended hair Features: dogs | multi-purpose working dogs

Life: 9-12 years

Bernese Mountain Dog is a variety of powerful. Three-color, long legs. His firm and harmonious. He is brilliant, reliable and flexible, in the mountains, dragging or becoming competent to drive herd like this kind of work, which is the origin of the breed. Dogs appear masculine, while bitches seem soft.


Since ancient times, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a farm dog, has been the central Alps and Bern for the guard, drag, drive livestock. Its original name was “Dürrbächler (Music: Duo Baqi)”, from the vicinity of Canton Bern’s Riggisberg the name of a small village in the region, many of these long-haired tri-colour dogs. 1902, 1904 and 1907, this dog has begun to appear on the show in 1907, some breeders decided to adopt a “瑞士多巴奇 Club” to promote the breed, and determine its characteristics. In 1910, Burgdorf a show, with many farmers in the region of about 107 species Duo Baqi dog show. Since then, other varieties of Swiss Mountain Dogs by the appearance of characteristics of the breed was renamed the Bernese Mountain Dog, and soon the whole parts of Switzerland and Germany recognized. Today, Byrne, with its eye-catching dogs registered tri-colour coat and outstanding ability in the world, is a very famous dog.


The temperament is self-confident, alert and friendly, not nervous or shy. Bernese Mountain Dog is the face of strangers, will stand firmly place to keep cool.

Body type

Standard shoulder height, male dogs of about 25 ~ 27.5 inches; bitch about 23 to 26 inches. The appearance of the square, Bernese Mountain dog’s body length of slightly more than shoulder high. A robust skeleton is essential. Body full.


Look smart, lively and elegant. Eyes dark brown, slightly oval, close to the eyelids. Entropion or ectropion is a severe fault. Blue eyes are disqualifying — ears: Medium-sized, set high, triangular. Slightly rounded tip, and rest, the ears hang his head side. When the Bernese Mountain Dog is alert, listeners forward switch, protruding ears, ears, the head flush with the highest point. Head flat and wide, a slight wrinkle, and the clear outline, but not exaggerated stop. The muzzle is steady and straight — nose black. The lips clean, tight lips, the Bernese Mountain Dog breed is, the upper lip only slightly drooping. Teeth: scissor bite. Overshot bite or undershot bite is a severe fault — no missing teeth.

Neck, Topline, Body

The neck is stiff, muscular, of medium length. The backline from the withers to the hips remain level. Chest deep and wide, well-sprung ribs, but no barrel chest, chest-deep to the elbow. Back broad and robust. The loin is strong. Hip width, to the root of the tail, showed a smooth arc. Bushy tail rest to the drooping tail. When he is alert, allowing the tail up the volume, but never allowed to bend to the back of the tail or rolled over. Coccyx straight, and the hock or lower position. The twisted tail is a fault.


Shoulders are moderately laid back, flat, muscular, and never slack. Forelegs straight and strong, standing, elbow just below the shoulder position. Ankle very slightly. But never weak. The dewclaws may be removed. Feet are round and compact, toes well arched.


The thighs are broad, strong and muscular. Angulated stifles down gradually, smoothly tapering, with hock connection. Hocks, seen from the rear, straight after the ankle. The dewclaws may be removed. Feet are compact and turn neither in nor out. Are open.


The thick coat of medium length, slightly wavy or straight. It has a bright, natural sheen. The extremely curly or incredibly dull coat is undesirable. Bernese Mountain Dog is a natural coat and improper trimming unpopular in the game.

Colour and Markings

Bernese Mountain Dog is tri-colour dogs. The primary colour is dark. Colour markings are rich rust and bright white colour. Ideal symmetrical markings. Rust appears in the eye, extending from cheeks to the corners of the mouth, chest, sides, four legs and tail. Face with a white blaze, white muzzle bars. White markings also appear in the chest. Tip of the tail is also white. Ideal white feet, but the white does not extend to the ankle. In addition to other markings described above are to be faulted, and the extent of the deviation points. White legs and white collar are serious faults. Basic colour is not black is a disqualification.


Bernese Mountain Dog natural working gait is a slow trot. Of course, trends in time for the towing or herd, he can be faster, more flexible. Good reach in front and rear drive strong and keep the backline level. No action necessary. Corresponding to the front and rear legs always in the same plane. Growth rate, the legs to the centre line Shoulong.


The temperament is self-confident, alert and friendly, not nervous or shy. Bernese Mountain Dog is the face of strangers, will stand firmly place to keep cool.


Blue eyes. In addition to primary colour other than black.

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