Dogs sometimes need help too

Surely you have seen a guide dog several times. These dogs help visually impaired and blind people both in everyday life. These dogs are indispensable for blind people. They react quickly to obstacles and hurdles of everyday life and are not only eyes to the world, but often also soul mates, friends, contacts, and family members. But what happens to old or surviving guide dogs? How and where do they spend their retirement when the owner is suddenly no longer there?

Guide dogs sometimes need help.

For a lifetime, guide dogs guide and guide their visually impaired owners safely through everyday life and are an indispensable help. The loyal companions replace the missing eyesight of their owners for a long time and always stay by their side. But guide dogs, too, have to retire at some point because their concentration and stamina deteriorate. Or because the owner is suddenly gone. The German School for Guide Dogs Foundation provides not only specialized training for animals but also catches old dogs with food, veterinary care, and a new, beautiful home. Since the health insurance companies do not cover this voluntary work, the foundation is dependent on help.

Super Max

Super-Max is a guide dog by profession. But for his visually impaired owner, he is a superhero. Every day they go through thick and thin together and are a committed team. Guide dogs often stay with their owners for life. This creates a trusting and deep relationships over many years, like between Max and his master.

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