Do People Actually Keep Grasshoppers As Pets?

Let’s just start this article off with; yes, people actually do keep grasshoppers as pets. That is mainly because they are pretty simple to keep, which is a huge plus point when you are looking at getting into keeping bugs as pets. There is a huge number of species of grasshopper, over 15,000 in fact, which means you can choose anything from the common Desert locust to the extremely rare and endangered red-winged grasshopper from Japan. However, you should never keep endangered animals as pets, you get the point, though, there are a lot to choose from.

The simplicity is more how to care for them. All they need is a big enough tank with a solid (not fabric) mesh on top, potting soil, and something to climb. Some species, such as the desert locust will need heat lamps and dry habitats. Whereas some species will require a more humid tank. However, when it comes to feeding your grasshoppers, you will find that many species will eat any vegetable or leaves, so long as you wash them thoroughly, as many are sprayed with insecticides. Remember to keep the tank clean, replace the water and remove any uneaten food daily.

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