When You Adopt A Dog

When You Adopt A Dog, You Bring A New Friend Into The Family

When I was a kid, we adopted endangered animals in school. Each group of students got to choose one animal than they wanted to help, and we would contribute to fundraising to help save it from extinction. For many years, I did not even think about it, but recently I decided to adopt a dog. Taking a dog was an easy decision for me. You see, I wanted a pet, but I was pretty broke. The dogs in the local pound needed love and affection, and they were free. Nonetheless, I got the same joy when I decided to adopt a dog as I got out of adopting an endangered species in elementary school.

The decision to adopt a pet is one that should be easy to make. There are so many unwanted cats and dogs out there that the only reason not to adopt is if you want a purebred pet. In my opinion, this is a very selfish reason.

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