Advantage flea control that’ll help stop the fleas’ life cycle in it’s tracks!

There are several reasons why dog flea control products in the past did not work as successfully as needed. Today there is a better understanding of the fleas’ life cycle. It is now known that the opportune time to hamper the reproductive process of the flea is to stop the flea egg from hatching, thus reducing or eliminating these pests. Products such as Advantage flea control and other tremendously useful products are most effective for dealing with fleas. How many dog collars for flea protection have you bought in the past with the hope that this would rid your pet of fleas and remedy the problem? Even your home can become infested with these very resilient little pests. It may be you have other pets in your home, and they become infested with fleas, making dealing with this problem more challenging than you imagined!

Modern treatment and prevention include such effective products like Advantage flea control, K9 Advantix, Frontline Plus, and other flea control products. No need for you or your pet to suffer any longer than necessary from the relentless itching and scratching! Becoming knowledgeable and informed, you’ll soon consider the best and highly effective dog flea control products that will make a remarkable difference in your pet’s happiness and health.

Understanding the flea life cycle helps to better understand why fleas are such a pesky and resilient problem that can seem endless of ever!

The unique stages of the flea’s life cycle are egg, larva, pupa, and adult.

Flea hosts need to be a warm-blooded animal or human.

Adult females bite their host to suck the host’s blood to survive. They will and lay around 30 eggs each day!

These eggs subsequently fall off your pet and drop into your pet’s bedding, carpeting, or sometimes the out of doors.

The egg then begins to develop into the larva stage, and now they will feed off dry skin scales or the dried blood faeces of the adult flea.

Larvae grow and form a pupa, which is extremely hardy. This is where the flea gets its reputation for being such a resilient pest! From the larvae, stage heat or vibration activates the pupa. It is now when the young flea emerges to start the cycle again.

It is from understanding the flea’s life cycle, where we are in a better position to treat our pets with the most effective products on today’s market for flea control. There is a tremendous success in addressing the problems related to any home flea infestation problem. Cutting costs and depending on the wrong type of flea product can be a considerable frustration. Gain the best control to keep your pet from routinely scratching and living in undue discomfort.

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