Labrador Husky

Labrador Husky

Full name: Labrador Husky Dog Type: large dog Alias: Labradorian Sleddog (obsolete) Height :20-28 inches (51-71 cm) English name: Labrador Husky Country of Origin: Canada (Labrador) Weight :60-100 pounds (27-45 kg) Hair length: Shorthair Function:... Read more
Breeding Dogs - Question&Answers

Breeding Dogs – Question&Answers

Why Breed dogs? Many people ask me this question, and all I can say is different people breed for a different reason. Some breed to produce working dogs, be they field, protection, tracking, obedience, etc.... Read more
The Story of Smiley

The Story of Smiley

I adopted Smiley on March 21, 2018, and my life has been changed forever. This handsome boy has become my best friend, my smiling companion, my partner in crime, and the source of infinite happiness... Read more

Caring for abandoned Dogs

LINDA was rescued today by two animal friends. LINDA is a girl that roamed the streets of ALMODOVAR. Two ladies fed her and soon realized she was pregnant. Not knowing what to do, they asked... Read more
When You Adopt A Dog, You Bring A New Friend Into The Family

When You Adopt A Dog

When You Adopt A Dog, You Bring A New Friend Into The Family When I was a kid, we adopted endangered animals in school. Each group of students got to choose one animal than they... Read more