Cat Mate Pet Fountain

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The Cat Mate Pet Fountain has received excellent reviews the majority of pet owners enjoy the quiet motor and three-tiered bowls, so more than one pet can drink from it at a time. It is affordable, holds 2 liters of water, and is dishwasher safe.

I like the fact that it has a 10-foot cord, so you have a lot of floor space to work with. If I didn’t own a Drinkwell original already, I would consider this my next choice. You can purchase Cat Mate Replacement Filter Cartridges, and they too are reasonably priced.

Many owners mention they owned other brands of pet fountains and liked this one better, especially since it was less noisy. As with all pet fountains, you must keep them filled with water, or the motor will make lots of noise and give out eventually. Many owners also use filtered water to start with.

See what actual customers are saying about the Catmate Pet Fountain Cats love it by Heather W. We purchased this product, hoping our cats would stop drinking out of our glasses. That behavior hasn’t stopped, but it’s much improved. The unit was easy to assemble and operates very quietly. The cats were skittish at first, but their natural curiosity won out, and they were drinking from it within about 20 minutes. One cat likes drinking from the top, and the other prefers the pool on the bottom. Cleaning isn’t very hard, as it’s easy to take apart and put back together. The cord is the right length and has a breakaway in the middle to make it easy to take apart to clean without having to unplug the entire thing from the wall — a very nice unit. I’m glad we purchased it.

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